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All of us at TrueMine believe, together you and we have the power to change the future of digital currencies!

We believe everyone should have access to the benefits and adventures offered by cloud mining and technically cryptocurrency mining is possible for anyone. Miners with underpowered setups end up spending more than the income generated. Reason being; expensive hardware, high-cost electricity, maintenance and security along with issues such as hardware failure, network disconnections, price crashes among others.

To make mining truly accessible and profitable for one and all, we have come up with a technically-sound and secured mining solution. Our cutting-edge technology and large scale industrial data centers take away the challenges associated with cryptocurrency mining.

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What is TrueMine?

TrueMine is a Cryptocurrency cloud mining service offering a safe and simple platform to mine digital currencies without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. We offer a variety of mining related solutions to small and large scale customers.

Designed to scale, TrueMine is a secured and data-driven cryptocurrency mining platform.

Our cloud mining solutions give you access to the cutting-edge technologies and large-scale industrial data centers operating in energy-efficient areas making cryptocurrency mining efficient and transparent.

Robust and decentralized, TrueMine eliminates the hassle of purchasing expensive miner equipments and the related issues of placement, noise, heat, and the increased energy cost. We offer you mining-efficient centers in countries that offer the best cryptocurrency mining facilities at the most inexpensive rates.

Built by mining experts and enthusiast, TrueMine Limited is a Hong Kong registered cloud mining service platform making mining simple and accessible to one and all. Besides giving our users an opportunity to enjoy cryptocurrency mining and earn rewards, we also wish to play an important part in establishing digital currency as an economic system.

An established and reputable platform, we are a company bound by stringent terms and follow advanced security features making TrueMine a safe, secured and scalable mining platform. Setup your account to start mining and earning coins now.

Our Mission

TrueMine is on a mission to add value to miners, Token holders and the digital currency economic system.

We are working towards a mission in offering an environmentally sustainable business model combined with state-of-the-art technology. We have partnered with some of the biggest and reputed mining farm to source cloud mining hash rate at the best value. To further add fuel to our mission, we have developed an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology that allows for strategic placement in the equipment reducing power consumption and manufacturing cost.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make TrueMine one of the biggest and transparent cryptocurrency mining operations. To achieve this ambitious goal, we have structured a business model that is beneficial for both the management and the participants. Also, our integrated features support our vision to give TrueMine users a platform where they can mine various cryptocurrencies without facing any of the challenges related to cryptocurrency cloud mining.

Stable Infrastructure

Our data centers are located in cooler countries that offer low-cost electricity and are equipped with cutting-edge ASIC miners.

Experienced Team

TrueMine is run by professionals and enthusiasts who have been in the cryptocurrency industry for long, lending reliability and trust to the platform.

Secured Centers

Our data centers are under 24x7 surveillance and so are our devices. We take care of a myriad of details for you to mine efficiently.

Our platform makes Cryptocurrency accessible to all

Our mining rigs are already set up and running. Start mining immediately with our cloud mining contracts. 100% uptime guaranteed!